General Conditions for registration fee payment for conference events organized by the Bulgarian Comparative Education Society (BCES)
  1. Subject

1.1. These General Conditions govern the relations between the Bulgarian Comparative Education Society (hereinafter referred to as BCES) and the Participant in BCES conference events (hereinafter referred to as Participant) in his/her capacity as user of the conference services provided by BCES.

1.2. The Participant registers for a BCES conference event through paying a registration fee to BCES.

1.3. BCES confirms the Participant’s registration for the conference event upon receipt of his/her registration fee.


  1. Registration fees

2.1. BCES conference events may have various registration fees depending on the payment deadlines and other circumstances.

2.2. On its conference website, BCES shall:

  • show all details of the registration fees (type, amount, deadline);
  • list what the registration fees include;
  • provide specific information on registration fees where necessary.

2.3. BCES shall be responsible to provide all services and materials included in the registration fee.


  1. Participant’s conference attendance costs

3.1. The Participant shall be responsible to cover by him/herself all his/her conference attendance costs that are not included in the registration fee – travel costs, accommodation, daily costs, visa, insurance, etc.


  1. Cancelation

4.1. In case BCES cancels the conference event which the Participant has paid a registration fee for, the registration fee is fully refunded to the Participant within a month after the date of event cancellation.

4.2. In case the Participant cancels his/her participation in the conference event which he/she has paid a registration fee for, there is no refund of the registration fee.


  1. Acceptance of the General Conditions

5.1. By paying a registration fee for a BCES conference event the Participant accepts these General Conditions.